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Nuggets/burger patty production Machine

This chicken nuggets/hamburger patty processing line is used to process meat products for forming, coating(battering, predusting,breading), frying, quick freezing,packing. It have the advantage of low oil cost, good taste, hot sales. It can make Tempura f

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    Product Details

    1.Full automatic forming machine,saves labor and time.

    2.High effecient and high accuracy

    3.Easy operation 

    4.Simple cleaning design

    5.HACCP requirements


       Meat: Chicken,Poultry,beef,mutton.pork

       Seafood: Fish,Shrimp

    Can buy whole production line or single machine ,both ok. welcome to enquiry

    DEVICE NAME Model Power Material Qty
    Forming machine CXJ-100/400/600 0.55/11/12kw SUS304 1
    Batter-spraying machine LJJ-200/400/600 1.1/1.65/2.6kw SUS304 1
    Predusting machine SFJ-200/ 400/600 3.25/4.15kw SUS304 1
    Battering machine  NJJ-200/400/600 1.1/1.3/2.2kw SUS304 1
    Breading machine SXJ-200/400/600 1.1/1.65/2.6kw SUS304 1
    Frying machine XDL-2500*400/XDL-5500*600 36/120kw SUS304 1
    Tunnel freezer SDJ-100/150/200/300/500 7.5kw SUS304 1

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