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China frozen food fishball meatball making machine hot sale

China frozen food fishball meatball making machine hot saleFish Ball Maker 1.The process of fish ball maker: fish ball forming machine-forming tank-boiling tank

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    The fishball maker is used to produce fishball, meatball automaticly.  It is a popolar food for many people,  the raw material can be meat, chicken, fish, seafood, vegetable, soybean power......

    The Main process: raw material preparatory to get the sticky paste,  then mixing with the ice cube, additives, starch, eggs and others,  then go into the ball forming machine,  then drop into the hot water for fixing the ball form,  then cooking till over half cooked, then aircooling to remove the water and decrease temperature, then go into the quick freezer or cold room,  then weighing and packaging,  then store for selling.
    We can supply the follow machine: frozen meat/surimi flaker-grinder-chopper-batter mixing machine-forming machine-forming tank-cooking tank-aircooling line-quick freezer.